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CFS Chennai Export

Kailash Shipping Services Pvt. Ltd
20' 40'
1 Carting Charges (Rate Per MT)
a Unloading of export cargo from truck to the Export warehouse INR 70
or open yard using labour &/or forklift as per shipping bill 
instructions and on production of customs noted shipping bills.
(Minimum charges Rs.70/- per shipping bill.)
Addl. Charges will be levied for use of crane & heavy duty forklift
b Shifting of cargo from one bay to another as required by the shipper/Line  INR 70
c Per shipping bill amendment charge -Admin.cost of Rs. 250/-  
d Measurement charges @ Rs.2.5/carton - For Measuring &
  Issuing certificate for LCL Cargo as required by Line
2 Stuffing Charges
  Stuffing of the cargo in the container
a Chassis Stuffing( On wheel stuffing)    
Manual 2500 3700
Mechanical 2700 4300
Specialised equipment,if any, will be charged on case to case basis    
b Ground Stuffing    
Manual 3100 4500
Mechanical 3600 5500
Specialised equipment,if any, will be charged on case to case basis    
c For hazardous cargo 125% of normal tariff
3 Reworking Charges (Re-stuffing)
  Providing labour &/or fork-lift for  
  stuffing &/or de-stuffing
a For Dry van    
  Upto 25% restuffing 250 500
  More than 25% but less than 50 %restuffing 500 1500
  More than 50% re-stuffing 1500 3000
  (Addl charges will be levied for use of extra equipment)    
4 Cargo Wharfage Charges
A General space (Including open yard storage)
i Date of carting plus 03 calendar days Free
ii Storage Charges    
  4th day - 7th day 180 360
  8th day onwards 360 600
B Reserved Space 180/sq.mtr/month
i Minimum unit space available for reservation 100 sq.mtr  
  (For cancellation minimum one month notice should be given)    
ii Payment terms  03 months advance payment  
5 Container Ground Rent Charges (Rate Per Day)
A For Loaded container  
  No of Days
i 1 to 7th day 200 400
ii 8th to 15th day 400 800
iii 16th to 30 day 350 700
iv 31st day onwards 600 1200
6 Container Ground Rent Charges (Rate Per Day)
B For HAZ/Reefer  200% of normal charges
C ODC Container
i Upto 07th day 300% of normal charges
ii 08th-15th day 350% of normal charges
iii 16th day onwards 400% of normal charges
7 Activity Requiring Hook Crane Assistance On Actuals
8 Granite Shipment (Carting and Stuffing) 4500/TEU  
9 Coconut Fibre/ Cotton Bales/ Raw Cotton/ Cotton Yarn 5700/FEU  
NOTE: Above charges are excluding all statutory taxes, Toll charges,wherever applicable, will be levied extra, 45' container charges will be 25% extra on a 40' ft tariff, Lashing,chocking & palletisation will be on actual basis